How to solve Linux on vmware not fullscreen

Recently I was back to Kali on my vmware and I found that my Kali was not fullscreen again. After several hours of searching, thinking and reading, I finally solved it. Because fullscreen setting of Linux on vmware is kind of tricky and there are lots of different causes that can lead to setup failure, I decided to share several situations that I’ve encountered so far.

1. You haven’t installed the requirement: vmware tools.

It is really easy, let me briefly list the steps below:

    1. After booting up your Linux on vmware, navigate to the top bar, select VM —> Install VMware Tools.
    2. Soon you will find out a virtual CD plugged in, open it with file manager and copy all the stuff to your disk in Linux.
    3. Open a terminal and navigate to the directory, and run the file called “”.
    4. After that just keep hitting enter to every question. Vmware tools will soon be installed.
    5. Reboot. Done.
      ##Changing directory##
      cd home
      cd 'vmware tools'
      ##Run vmware tools installation##
      sudo ./

2. Vmware tool is installed, fullscreen when logging in as root, but no fullscreen when logging in as self-created account

Try to set your own account to admin or super user.

3. Your virtual system previously has VirtualBox additions installed. (My recent situation)

I know this is rare, because it possibly will only happen when you move VirtualBox virtual machine to vmware. After proper converting process you can actually run VB virtual machines on vmware, vice versa. However, you might forget to uninstall VB Guest Additions just like me. This is fairly easy to fix once after you know this is the reason that vmware tools cannot set your os to fullscreen. Let me list the steps below:

  1. Uninstall VirtualBox Guest Additions by running (route:”/opt/[VboxAddonsFolder]/”)
  2. After Uninstall, reboot the system and install VMware tools again.
  3. After VMware tools installation and reboot, it should work perfectly fine now.
  4. Enjoy!

If I encountered more situations, I will definitely let you know. Peace!


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