Antergos – A Modern, Fast and Powerful Linux Distribution

First of all, you must visit its website: Antergos, after that you will know what exactly I am talking about.

Antergos is a distribution based on the famous distribution called Arch Linux. From their websites, you can pretty much feel the philosophy of these two distributions; Arch Linux aims to give advanced Linux users a text-based, rolling release, extremely simple, light-weight and lightening fast Linux experience, with lots of packages available on official repository and also AUR (Arch User Repository) it is highly customizable; while Antergos comes with several Desktop Environments such as Gnome, XFCE, Cinnamon…etc and contains necessary tools, it presents a ready-to-use and absolutely beautiful Operating System for users with all Arch features. With the same core, one shows extreme simplicity and one shows the beautiful interface and user-friendly setup.

An advantage of using Antergos is its resources. Because its base is actually Arch, so you can not only install Arch and AUR packages but also find solutions on Archlinux forum when you encounter problems. It might be a minor distribution, but it has awesome community at Antergos Forum, it is a forum with great visual design and kind developers/moderators/pros. Like Arch, Antergos has its own wiki too. The content might not be that much but they are absolutely helpful and more detailed.

After reading all that stuff, you must be a little bit confused: what exactly are the pros of Antergos? Well, Let me show you with some comparisons.

fzJ9GdX - Imgur

This chart shows the main differences and advantages of Antergos and Arch. You can clearly see that Antergos is a much more user-friendly distribution. It contains all the essentials, so you do not have to worry about all the complex and annoying driver setups. Antergos aims to be a ready-to-use OS and it surely is.

I now use Ubuntu on my desktop for server hosting and Antergos on my laptop for daily general use (music, videos, web surfing, word processing, and even gaming). Its performance is really astonishing, not one single freeze or application crash so far. The boot, shutdown speed and the speed in use are really fast even it was installed on a normal HDD, I can’t imagine how fast it will be if installed on SSD. Anyway, I am really satisfied with Antergos and I highly recommend it to you. I also participated in the translation of Traditional Chinese version, this can really show my love to this awesome distribution.


Written with ♫ (Klassik Radio) and Passion by Nate Lo


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