[Ubuntu] Extracting multiple part compressed rar/zip files

Yesterday, I installed Ubuntu for my dad. Everything works out well, he even got used to Ubuntu in a very short amount of time and that really surprised me; However, after downloading a rar file which contained multiple .part files (like file00.part, file01.part……), he was unable to extract it. I didn’t know that the default Archive Manager in Ubuntu can actually extract it correctly with the “unrar” package installed. So I first tried to install other custom archive manager like “Ark” and “xarchive”. They all had trouble opening or extracting the compressed file, so I finally decided to install unrar and taught my dad how to use commands to extract the file. Of course, my dad gave it up soon after I showing him the cd command lol. Because of the sense of loss (didn’t get the job done), I clicked on here and there and accidentally tried to extract it again and it worked lol. So here goes the solution:

1. Install the “unrar” package.

 # sudo apt-get install unrar 

2. Now you should be able to extract all kinds of compressed files without any weird o error!!!


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