Introduction to Virtual Machine

People might have heard about virtual machine, but never really know what it really is. The most common usage of virtual machine is for gaming, but that is just one of many things that a virtual machine can do.

Virtual machine (VM) is basically an emulation of a computer system. It can either be emulating hardware, software or even both. Since it only means emulations of computer systems, there are actually many things that are classified as virtual machines, such as compilers and interpreters including Pascal-P, Jave virtual machine (JVM)……etc. But the one I will focus on is the one that is used to emulate hardware and software in order to run specified operating system with designated hardware specification. I will call this type of virtual machine “virtual machine software” afterwards.

Virtual machine software allows you to create a virtual hardware (like a computer inside your computer) and then install an operating system on it. This allows you to install any operating system you desire(Linux distributions, any version of Windows and even Mac OS) on your computer without really install it on your actual hardware. By installing operating systems on virtual machines, you can try out many OS in a short amount of time. Plus, you can do whatever you like with it since it is virtual and you will never mess up your actual system or computer. The feature of virtual machine brings a lot of applications, from fast deploying and using different OS to researching the computer virus. If you ever want to try out something but you are afraid of messing your computer up, consider using this great method!

There are two most popular VM software available now; one is “VMware Workstation Player” and the other one is “Oracle VM VirtualBox“. Both of them are free. Download them and start your journey now!


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