[My Mind] Life of Electronics, Life of Everything

Two days ago, after a normal reboot, my desktop could not find the graphics card in it. At first, I thought that it was the problem of the graphics card; but soon with sufficient research and testing, I realized that the problem came from the most durable component (theoretically) – motherboard. It can last at least 5 years, so I started to calculate its age, my companion PC is almost 5 years old now!!! The reason why I feel shocked about this incident is not because of the component, but the passing of time. See, the life spans of electronics are regular and I didn’t even realize the time of it has come. I am now 20 years old, the ages of my surroundings have also changed significantly. From the plants on the balcony, the trees in the park and the stray dogs near my home, to the people around me – my friends and family. We all have limited ages, everything has a life span, nothing in this world is permanent. What matters is not thinking of how to lengthen the life spans, but to make the best use of the life we have, the life everything has. I am lucky to have my good-o-PC to remind me how lives are always limited and things are always temporary. There is nothing that can last long enough and be harsh enough to occupy a person, and there is also no good thing that can last forever. What we can do is to look forward when we face difficulties because there is no time for us to whining, feel bad and just stuck there; and cherish every good thing happens in our life because nothing is permanent, everything has its own age and fate. I hope that this short article can remind people of just how short lives are and the reason why we need to make every second of our life counts.

-written by a busy student that somehow feels a sense of lost……


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