Some facts about Web Ad and internet data and privacy

Recently, professor of English Speaking course assigned an interesting essay to us. Its title is “Mind control and the internet”, and it’s mainly about the behavior tracking used by internet advertisement providers and the thought controlling done by intenders with the feature of connection. I am shocked to know that most of my classmates didn’t know how the advertisement providers track our behavior on the internet and why it is legal and being allowed. If you have paid attention to some pop-up notice on websites, you will know that they are usually statements or dialog boxes about “cookie policy”. The term cookie in Computer field actually means a kind of data that is sent back from the users’ browsers to the server. Cookie usually contains all kinds of information about the user, from normal logs such as login times and sessions to details like what button was clicked. For normal websites, they only use cookie data to remember or verify your login or browsing history, but for data mining companies or advertisement companies like Google, these data served as a role to track your online behaviors. This is why the internet companies can always know what you want because they know the pattern!

If you think that this invades your privacy, then you should start to pay attention to related technologies and find some solutions; and luckily, there are plenty. First, if you don’t want be tracked at all, you should use Tor Browser. It is best known for the ability to access the notorious dark net. But do not consider Tor a bad thing, it is its great capability to stay anonymous that enable unethical or criminal activities. Although there are still some possibilities that you will get tracked, but those flaws are mainly caused by users themselves. Make sure to follow all the guidelines to use this browser in order to stay absolutely anonymous and safe.

If you only think that those ads are annoying, then just install some ad-blocking plugins for your browser!!! For Chrome or Chromium, you can install adBlocker Plus from chrome store; for Firefox, you can still find adBlocker Plus here. Just install it and VOILA! The ads are all gone! It also removes the video ads on Youtube, so you can enjoy the whole music without being interrupted by crappy mobile game ads ever again!

In conclusion, living in the digital era, people need to know the basic about the technologies that they’re using; everything has its downsides and goods, but with sufficient knowledge, we can even make what seems bad to our advantages. Learn more actively is the best way to protect your own right and privacy in this era of connection.


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