[My mind] Is there a way to learn a second foreign language fast? (2)

As you can see from the first part, my learning path of English actually took quite a long time, approximately 12 years. It takes so long and so much effort for me to acquire a foreign language with intermediate-high level or so(TOEIC 930).

Later on, I listed the learning methods I used to learn Spanish:

  1. Spanish Course at college (2 hours per week for two semesters and 3 hours per week for one semester).
  2. Try to learn more on Duolingo and Memrise (not every day).
  3. Using Quizlet to help with vocabulary memorization.
  4. Occasionally chat(text) with Hispanic players online.
  5. Listen to Spanish music.

Actually, after listing the learning methods of two languages out, I realized that I spent too little time on my Spanish learning. Plus, I also fail to find hobbies that are closely related to Spanish. I did try to watch videos, play games and read articles in Spanish just like I do with English every day, but it’s not really effective since I need to spend most of the time looking up the words in the dictionary. It is like when I set my game to English for the first time when I was in junior high. I guess I can only try my best to lay a  good foundation of my Spanish first before I enter the advanced level. Moreover, I spent lots of time just to have a basic reading comprehension of English. From the other hand, I’ve only studied Spanish for 1 and a half year now and I already acquired basic read comprehension ability. From the perspective of the time spent, I actually do well. But, well is not enough, I believe that with new approaches being applied and more time being invested in my Spanish learning, I can no only do well, but to excel.


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