[Languages] Fictional Languages from Games, Movies or Novels

Do you know that the weird fictional languages appeared in games, movies or novels are actually well designed and organized by either the creator or the community. The pronunciations are marked by IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) just like how other languages are researched and recorded, it is very formal. Plus, the grammars and syntax are well explained and somehow related to real languages, so they are actually not too hard to learn. Then you may wonder that how about translation tools and dictionaries? Yep, they got that covered too. In short, the passionate community and the creators provided all you need to learn those mumble jumble.

So, what exactly are those “mumble jumble”? I have two famous examples here. The first one is the well-known “Klingon” from the movie Star Trek. I put two websites below the article. One is a site dedicated to teaching Klingon, another one is the Klingon course on the popular language learning site Duolingo. It is still under construction, but I believe it will be ready soon.

The second one, which is also my favorite one, is “Dovahzul” (Dragon Language) from the most durable game ever made – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the game, there are many monsters and races in the north of the fictional medieval continent. Even though there are countless beasts, the dragons had been gone for a long time; however, soon after the game starts, the little town you went will encounter one. Thus your journey starts. The character you play will discover that he/she is actually a Dovahkiin (Dragonborn). He/She can absorb the soul of the dragons and learn to speak their spells to do various magic powers. As Dovahzul is an ancient northern language that only a few people and the dragons can speak, it sounds and looks like the modern languages in Northern Europe. If you want to listen to it, I recommend you try out the theme song of Skyrim. Epic.

Anyway, I hope you will have a different perspective on the contents of games, movies and novels. Moreover, you now know languages that can be your secret words between your pals. Have fun learning these Tinvaak.






Dragon Language (Dovahzul):





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