[Linux] Zorin OS (Part 1)

I just found this distribution when I was browsing the comment section of an article introducing the famous easy-to-use Arch distro “Manjaro”. Compared to the original Arch, it seems like a newbie-friendly distribution since it has GUI installation, desktop environment and preloaded applications; however, I read some people arguing about the complexity of Arch core itself. They think that when there are some problems related to the core part of distribution, it will still be hard to solve for new users. That is what I had experienced and I totally agree with.

My first Linux distribution is Antergos, it is also an Arch-based distro with GUI Installation and desktop environment. I thought I would experience little problems since it claimed to be an easy-to-use distribution. I was totally wrong. I need to solve many problems along the way. If you suspect the amounts of the problems, just check out all my posts that have [Fix] tags. It’s ok to me because I have basic understanding in Linux and I love to fix things and learn; but for the newbies, especially those who have zero experience with Linux, this is a really bad news.

(To be continued…)


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