[Linux] Zorin OS (Part 2)

Moreover, users will not only have problems with technical stuff, some users will even have trouble using GUI (Graphical User Interface) with different or just slightly different looks. For example, after installing Ubuntu for my dad, he was satisfied with virus-free OS, but he constantly complained about the GUI. He couldn’t find the Download folder which is at the same position in Windows (File manager -> Download folder at sidebar). According to this experience, I think that a successful newbie-friendly Linux OS should not only be easy to use and have little technical issues but also have a similar GUI with the popular OS set as default. Below is the introduction with screenshots. Enjoy!



▼ The start menu layout is similar to Windows 7.

▼ This is the file manager of Zorin OS. Very clean UI, classic gnome 3 style.

▼ The system control panel that includes volume control, brightness control, wifi, battery, user, settings and shutdown button.

▼ This is the calendar and notification panel.

▼ This is actually a cool feature of Zorin OS. You can select the layout style you prefer here, no command line or file tweaking needed. Slick.

▼ This is the second layout style.

▼ This is the third layout style.

▼ This is the Desktop settings. You can choose the icons presented on your desktop.

▼ You can actually adjust the title bar buttons here. very handy for Mac OSX users.

▼ You can select themes with different color scheme fast here. No tweaking needed!

▼ Or you can also select custom shell themes, cursors and icon themes here. Tweak it to fit your own taste!

▼ This is the font settings.

▼ Bottom/Top panel settings. You can also tweak opacity of the panel!

▼ Like most of the Linux distros, Zorin OS also has LibreOffice preinstalled. It has great compatibility with MS Office. Very convenient!

▼ LibreOffice.

▼ Zorin OS actually preinstalled a handy tool called “Wine”. It is a tool used to run Windows program or applications on Linux. Not all of them are compatible, but it can surely benefit Windows users.

▼ This is the application for you to find and install applications.

▼ This is the settings for software and update.

▼ This is the settings. I know some may say that it looks just like the setting screen in Mac OSX, but yeah, this is the default setting UI in Gnome.

▼ Zorin OS even has a firewall preinstalled. Extra security!

▼ Zorin OS 12 🙂


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