[My Mind] My thoughts after seeing an awesome prank video

I saw this prank video today. It was about a man faking the lottery winning. [!SPOIL ALERT!] He took the lottery footage from last week and played it on TV, and he also bought a ticket with the winning combination (this really is a brilliant prank). Her wife checked the ticket and couldn’t speak a word. But soon, she told the man that she wants a divorce. She said that now they have enough money to buy houses for each of them and live well separately. The man was totally stunned and couldn’t say a word either. He never thought that a little prank would backfire so hard on him. He paced and paced, and finally, he was about to walk out the room. Suddenly, his wife told him that he was “double-pranked” by her. It turned out that she knew he was planning something and it was no rocket science to figure out the lottery was a fake.

I think this is what I consider a “quality prank video”. By quality, I do not mean that the prank is well-designed or fun, instead, I mean it is a good type of prank. Many prankers do awful pranks on their friends or even random strangers that might cause injuries or psychological trauma. Those pranks are “bad” type of prank to me. As you might know, recently there are parents that lose custody of two kids after their abusive YouTube ‘pranks’. This is exactly what I am talking about. When you do something awful then call it a prank, then ok, now after violating others, all you need to say is “Yo, it’s a prank bro!” Do you think something that can irritate others so much is really just a prank? Basically, pranks that went too far are just crimes. Prankers are not kids anymore, they need to be responsible for what they’ve done and stop violating others just for their own Youtube views and ad profits. I don’t mean that prank is bad, but one must know what are pranks and what are crimes.


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