[My Mind] What I learned from my DIY sticker project

This Sunday I finally made my own DIY stickers. I’ve planned to do it since I watched a dope car video (or watch it down below). The car owner put a dabbing Squidward sticker on the side of his GT86 custom. I loved the dabbing Squidward a lot and the idea of making my own stickers was sparked. Although I already knew that DIY stickers are cheaper than ordering customized stickers from printing factory, I learned that there are many steps and potential problems to make DIY stickers. First, I need to design and put the desired patterns in MS Word in the exact sizes. This was the first problem I faced, but I figured it out soon after. Later, I needed to find a printing store that allows me to print with custom paper. I bought the label (sticker) papers with shiny surfaces, and it was rejected by several stores since it is too thick for their printing machine. After an hour, I found the store that can print with them, but then I faced the second problem: the ink won’t stick to the shiny surface (although the package claimed the product was specialized for laser printing). The store owner was kind and didn’t charge me for the failed printing. Finally, I found a store that can print without a problem. I brought the almost-finished stickers back and started to wrap it with the lamination wraps to protect the stickers and create the authentic smooth sticker surface. The third problem occurred as soon as I started to wrap it: the wrap was hard to use and it would have air bubbles when the paper was not flat or the wrap was not stuck correctly. It was total madness just a few remaining products were usable.

It was great fun to make my own custom stickers, and I also learn that doing is a better teacher than anything. By doing things with my own hands, I can truly understand the fun and the difficulties of things that I’ve never done before. Nowadays, people on the internet tend to criticize others without any concrete suggestions or reasons. By putting themselves in others’ shoes is not enough, the haters really need to experience what the criticized victims actually do. If you do it, you will understand the hardship.



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