[My Mind] A Great Video Introduction to Hacking and Information Security

This is the best information security introduction that I’ve come across so far. It basically tells you the common ways that you can get hacked. I love how they demonstrated social engineering. It is always hard to explain and sounds weird to common computer users.

Hackers are creative and extremely smart people who can always find a way to access/crack/bypass/get something. The thinking patterns of theirs are just super amazing. There are also various types of hackers too. Blackhat hackers refer to those who utilize hacking skills as a tool to commit crimes. Whitehat hackers refer to those who use their hacking skills to help companies find their flaws and report the findings back instead of exploiting them, most of them probably work for information security firms. Greyhat hackers refer to those who are in the middle ground, they act depending on the situations.

Because in the video they didn’t spend the time to explain the techniques and methods they used, so I will soon write a blog post to elaborate the attack methods in the video and some more commonly used methods that I know. I hope you will finally understand the reasons why experts tell you to do those weird things such as duct taping your webcam and turning on/off some settings.

Knowledge is like a sword, it can either destroy or protect you. Wielding it with the right way, it will surely give you the best defense.


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