[Linux] Chakra Linux 2017 – Overview

I came across this OS long time ago, saw it while doing some random google search, I was drawn by its elegant UI design, but at the time it was still in development. I added it in my favorite but I gradually forgot it. Luckily, I saw the promotion video of Chakra Linux 2017 on FOSS Blog’s Facebook post. It is absolutely stunning and caught my eyes immediately. The well-designed UI powered by KDE and QT combining with versatile Arch system makes a powerful and good-looking OS. If you want to try out Arch Linux but are afraid of the text based system, you can start your journey with Chakra Linux. It provides Arch packages, easy-to-use GUI installation and built-in Desktop Environment, which allow users to have an advanced Linux experience with ease. Moreover, it is a half rolling-release distribution, which means that its core packages will be frozen and only be updated as stable version every six months, and the other packages (software, games, etc) are rolling-release. This will eliminate the problematic compatibility problems caused by updating. How brilliant!

I will do a comprehensive review of this amazing distribution in the near future, be sure to check it out then.

Chakra Linux (Official Website)

Chakra Linux On Distro Watch (Detailed Information)

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